The STO Marketing Agencies You Need on the Way to Success

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According to crypto experts, 2019 will be the year of Security Token Offerings (STOs)

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market expanded rapidly throughout 2017 and continued to grow until the first half of 2018. The statistics revealed that over USD 4 billion were brought up only from ICOs for the past six months, making ICO projects among the best possible way for startup companies to collect funds. According to market experts, 2019 will be the year of the Security Token Offering (STO), and a global shift from ICOs to STOs projects is anticipated to be observed.

The ICOs and STOs industry has become extremely competitive, forcing companies to seek external marketing and advertising help that will transform their project into a success. The listed companies that we discuss below worked hand-to-hand with hundreds of projects so far, helping their ICOs and STOs clients to meet their targets. CryptoBrowser has carefully selected the finest professional marketing agencies around the world, especially for our readers.

Cryptoken Media

Cryptoken Media provides an exhaustive list of services, covering all digital marketing and advertising aspects that an STO project may require. All services are individually tailored to each project, providing cost-efficient benefits to the customer. The utilization of data-driven marketing techniques that the company uses encourage connection between backers and purchasers to be made.

Cryptoken Media content marketing campaigns can be distributed to over 700+ media outlets, partnering the company. The experienced team that empowers the company organizes effective PPC and SEO campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Airdrop and Bounty creation, and Conversion Rate Optimization.

The agency is very well connected with numerous top multinational and multicultural Social Media and YouTube influencers. As part of their services, their customer can benefit from excellent dedicated managers that deliver outstanding community management services.


Amazix is another experienced marketing agency. The company consists of cryptocurrency specialists with significant knowledge base and insight. They also have a solid management group and strict oversight of procedures.

Amazix’s team strongest side is in community management, as this is a core focus of the company. It’s a fundamental piece of STO advertising as it manages to win the community’s trust — an essential element for crypto success.

Priority Token

Priority Token places emphasis on giving a universal solution to ICO/STO ventures. They are a UK-based organization, having their head office in London. Priority Token expanded their operations in Singapore, Moscow, and Dubai.

No matter if the client needs venture counseling, technical support, or advertising services, the agency is ready to address the diverse marketing needs of their clients.

Priority Token’s core strength is in the custom, tailored approach, as well as in the smart contract utilization and private investor meetups.

Foxtail Marketing

FoxTail Marketing is a US-based digital marketing company with a rich client portfolio.

The STO clients of the agency can benefit from help with their SEO, social media management, content marketing, managed blogging and paid promotions. Furthermore, they can help an STO project by running their marketing campaigns, CRO, and B2B lead generation.


As one of the first marketing agencies specializing in ICOs, ICOBox offers a wide array of marketing tools and know-how. From whitepaper write-up guidance to modern standards advisory and full-stack marketing campaigns, the marketing agency can offer STOs the help they need from start to end.

ICOBox operates in over ten countries, and have collected over $400 million for their clients. They have lego-like pricing, with options available as add-ons.

Choosing the right marketing partner on the way to the launch of your STO is critical for your success. It is essential to select an agency that is happy to tailor their services according to your individual requirements, rather than apply a standardized package, which may not necessarily be what your project needs.

Furthermore, to reach high levels of audience awareness, you should be looking at the agency that has the most reliable network of influencers, media outlets and professional community managers, which can manage and already know how to reach large audiences and knows what triggers them to invest in new projects.

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