Opera browser with new update, new crypto wallet feature available

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Will Opera become crypto enthusiasts’ favorite browser?

The team behind Opera, the #4 software for accessing the Internet, has made a massive improvement over its last version. The update comes with lots of new features — improved AdBlocker, VPN, and a Web 3 compatibility.

The crypto sector has been eagerly anticipating this update for months after rumors that Opera’s team is preparing to be the first browser to implement Web 3 apps (dApps) and a built-in crypto wallet.

The pre-updated version, 58.0.3135.127 has been around for quite some time now. Opera’s development team have come to the decision to omit version 59, and work on the launching of version 60.0.3255.27 publicly too all users across the world for a free download.

Crypto wallets for everyone

With its latest update, Opera is trying to eliminate the gap between desktop and mobile users via integrating an all-in-one wallet. This move will ensure users’ private keys never to leave the smart device.

The wallet will also include a two-factor authentication. No transaction on a given blockchain will happen without the consent of the smartphone user, and fingerprint unlocking will also be required to confirm the operation.

Opera first introduced the wallet feature in its June 2018 Android update. It seems that eventually, the wallet reached its final destination — desktop clients, where nearly 70-percent of transactions occur.

Web 3 compatibility

Another great feature is the Web 3 compatibility — users can now utilize and get the most of their favorite dApps directly in their browsers, just by typing their addresses. Opera claims to be the first browser to be fully prepared for the Web 3 revolution, with more and more users seeking UI and UX innovations.

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