Moscow Plans To Invest $860,000 For A Blockchain-Based Administrative Service

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The Platform Would Take Care Of Electronic Services Such As Voting, Property Ownership Documents, And Farmer Market Space Allocation

Russia’s capital, Moscow, is stepping up its blockchain game to provide a complete package of administrative services, running on the blockchain technology.

Moscow’s IT department announced an auction for a contractor for building an Ethereum-based blockchain platform, hosting all of the electronic services, currently running on local and cloud servers. The estimated cost about building the blockchain platform is around 57 million Rubles or roughly $860,000 as of press time.

The technical documents suggest the platform will host administrative services such as property ownership document issuance and slot allocation across Moscow’s farmer markets.

The future contractor has only 60 days to build the platform. Moscow’s government aims to increase transparency in the public sector via providing access for 1,5 million simultaneous viewers.

Тhe platform will also incorporate Moscow’s other blockchain — project Active Citizen — allowing Moscow residents to place their vote for civil matters such as the location for new bike paths, rating events, and suggesting new street decorations.

Moscow’s plans include enabling users to vote for the district and capital mayors, utilizing the new blockchain system. For the test, 6 percent of Moscow’s resident would have rights to vote electronically. The other key initiative Moscow’s government is undertaking is the spot allocation at Moscow’s farmer markets. As of 2018, over 2700 spots can be purchased via blockchain, with over 20,000 bidders actively participating in the two market seasons — one in April and the other one in November.

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