IOTA and TWO Get a Step Closer to Taipei’s Waste Management Transformation

30 October 2018

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Blockchain technology once again proves its potential to make our cities smart, as one of the leading smart waste management companies in Taipei — TWO, showed the inner workings of their IOT technology for monitoring waste levels and waste processing paths.

In a YouTube live stream, over 150 viewers were able to see the process of integrating TWO’s and IOTA’s waste management hardware in Taipei’s City Hall in real-life.

Hamoun Karami showed how waste information is being transmitted from 18 sensors to TWO’s platform using IOTA’s Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Tangle API.

As transaction hash data showed, every 30 minutes the IOTA DLT receives information from sensors about the percentage at which the bins are filled.

Karami mentioned that TWO’s ultimate goal is to develop a smart city infrastructure for collecting and managing waste from bins to factories and create competition in the waste collecting market.

TWO’s founder also showed support for NFC systems, giving good examples from Russia and other countries. Utilizing NFC will help trucks stay on time with waste management schedules and doing an efficient job.

NFC will be ensured by IOTA’s blockchain system TANGLE, which would be a perfect fit for a secure waste-management platform. TANGLE will enable users to conduct micropayments through its settlement system.

Once the waste is being collected, a micropayment is sent to TANGLE’s platform. TANGLE will also validate that a waste collecting company is a valid entity for providing such services. The TANGLE blockchain would store unique IDs for the bin, truck, even the truck driver.

By integrating IOTA, TWO could revolutionize the way waste is being collected, transferred to processing plants and starting a new life through recycling.

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