BXT Coin is being Listed on LATOKEN

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The Latoken listing opens up new trading opportunities to the consumer

After the successful completion of IEO on LATOKEN, Bitfxt Coin(BXT) will soon be listed on LATOKEN Exchange. The LATOKEN listing opens up new exchange and trading opportunities to everyone, allowing every cryptocurrency participant to engage in their ecosystem, enjoying unlimited opportunities for investments, growth and development.
Latoken exhange was selected as an exchange listing partner due to their innovative platform, featuring an entire set of incredible functionalities. Both BXT Coin and their listing partner share the same ideologies and have teamed up in a bid to provide an innovative platform for the global industry that we start serving the African Community first.

About Latoken

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens:

● $170+ million daily turnover

● 135,000+ registered traders

● 350+ crypto pairs available for trading.

Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowd sale stages.
The exact date of our listing will be published in our next article, Use this link to start trading bxtcoin:

Trading BXTCoin

We at Bitfxt are happy about our first listing, and we are enthusiastic that our token is now tradeable.
We hope you are too! We wish you Happy Trading!

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