Bitpanda Published A European Crypto Holder Report; One In Five Holders Is A Female

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Bitpanda derived data with the help of GlobalWebindex to profile the European crypto holder

Crypto exchange platform BitPanda published a report on European crypto holders and investors. The paper was made with the help of online data administration company GlobalWebindex.

The report was derived from data, collected from internet users in 17 European markets, including Turkey and Russia.

In the report BitPanda reveales that although the majority of crypto holders are young, well-educated, highly-paid men (working as freelancers or being in full-time employment), somehow unexpected and interested statistical information was gathered:

  • One out of five EU-based crypto holders are females
  • Over 40% of all crypto holders are aged 35 and above
  • 54% of the holders have not obtained a university degree

According to BitPanda, European clients are more open to risks and have a substantial income and high tendency for pursuing novelty. Crypto holders are also concerned about privacy. They choose to put their savings into crypto wallets, rather than pension funds and traditional investment options, such as gold, stocks, and bonds.

The highest percentage of the internet users that participated in the research were based in Switzerland. 14% out of the Swiss-based users reported to possess tokenized/crypto assets. Russia is the last in the list with only 2% of the surveyed users being crypto holders. The number one cryptocurrency city in Europe is London, where 11% of the total number of UK users are located. Zurich, Switzerland`s capital, is the runner-up city with 10% of the surveyed users owning cryptocurrencies.

33% of the users are between 25 and 34 years, followed closely by the 27-percent group of individuals between 16 and 24. The favored profession by the European crypto holders is in the IT/Telecommunication sector (12%), followed by manufacturing (9%) and engineering (8%) sectors. Software developers fall short of the top three, and people in the medical and healthcare industry are showing least interest in cryptocurrencies.

As data from BitPanda’s report shows, the crypto investor mindset in Europe closely follows the trend of traditional finance, with the largest bank investors being Sberbank in Russia, PKO Bank Polski in Poland, Santander in Western Europe, Swedbank AB in Sweden, Danske Bank in Denmark, and Ziraat Bankasi in Turkey.

The risk-taking approach is also found in investors’ lifestyle. Investors are adventurous, consolidated on the statement that money is the best measure for someone’s success, and building a community around a product or a service. Fifty-one percent of the surveyed crypto holders admit that they make critical decisions based solely on gut feeling and are influenced by various trends.

Over half of the crypto holders in Europe are concerned about their online privacy. Sixty-one percent of them cleared their cookies, 57% use ad-blocking software, and 42% actively use VPN or Proxy servers.

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