Almost All Of Bitcoin SV Transactions Are Done Via A Weather App

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Over 98% of BSV transactions are going through a weather application

Despite the initial hype, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) has yet to prove its long-term sustainability. The reason for doubts is that over 98% of the transactions for the past 30 days are going through a weather app, running on Bitcoin SV’s blockchain.

Twitter users raised an awareness flag that was responsible for over 1,2 million transactions last month. In its core, resembles a weather data gathering platform, which records climate data in the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Users willing to get local climate information must pay an initial fee of $4, and will be charged $0.71 per month.

Bitcoin SV had a rough start since the hard fork. However, in the past couple of months, Bitcoin SV’s experienced a drastic price increase from $55 to $239 as of press time. Regardless of the jump, the currency still experiences volatility issues.

On the other side, Bitcoin (BTC) continues to rise at a rapid pace over the past week. Currently the leader in cryptocurrencies surpassed $11,200, and went beyond the $10,000 barrier last week

Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization, is maybe the biggest winner of the pack, raising its price from $268 to $310 as of press time.

The last of the big three, Ripple, is also following the trend, with a weekly raise from $0.4262 to $0.4590 as of press time.

Overall, the positive trend is still persisting within the entire crypto market, with a 16% upward shift recorded during the past week, clocking at $332,493,336,488.

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